The Genius Psychology

The Genius Psychology

…How to Be a Genius, Even if You’re a School Drop-out.

This classic masterpiece is a real illumination on the genius psychology philosophy guiding the lifestyle of legends, both dead and alive in the history of man. It’s written to help ordinary people become extraordinary by recreating their lot in life so as to create a better world of influence that would make them a force to reckon with.

Have you scored very low on those IQ scales? Don’t panic!


This book…

  • Debunks the use of IQ tests as a measure for intelligence.
  • Defines who or what a genius is.
  • Reveals the 7 fundamental characteristics of a genius.

No need for inferiority complex again! You don’t even need to be a first-class varsity graduate to be a genius.

In this ebook, you would learn the vital concepts that would help you to easily change or improve on your quality of life. You simply stop being a liability to yourself, family, and the society; you become a sought-after asset.

It’s a fast drive from…

  • Destiny to Purpose
  • Vision to Reality
  • Attitude to Aptitude
  • Adversity to Prosperity

Just as a baby develops in the belly of a woman, The Womb of Life is a chapter that reveals how you can be processed till you achieve a higher and larger life.

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What More?

You’ve got to re-discover:

  • 7 core values of creativity
  • 11 steps to maximizing your latent creative mind power.
  • 10 reasons why many people live a life of vanity. It doesn’t sound good to be a vain person!
  • 20 elements you need to succeed in your dream like the old legends.

The Genius Psychology is generally centered on the personal philosophies of legends. Several things are common with all of them. Knowing them will help you learn from their lifestyle…

Alexander the Great (?)
Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison
Isaac Newton
Oscar Wilde
Barrack Obama
Bill Gates

The list goes on. Your could even get your name on this Hall of Fame, if…

You don’t need to change what you are doing except it’s vanity and frivolity. Written from the perspective of a preacher and motivational author, the ebook content is a collection of principles that would help you to realize the genius within you, awaken the genius, and be a genius.

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