Fastest Way to Create Ebook and Start Selling Within Minutes


writer_bookInarguably, it takes some nerve to sit at a desk, and start writing out your thoughts or ideas with a view to creating and publishing digital content. Here, you would discover the fastest way to create an ebook within minutes, ready for sale online.

On the average, for instance, if you want to publish a kindle book, you would have to write, at least, 8000 words of content in the non-fiction genre. Taking it that you’re not cut out for this book writing stuff, you would naturally feel bored to hold a pen let alone write your first 100 words. Yes, you don’t feel like a natural author.

Nonetheless, you can have a walk-around, a technique that several authors have used to create their ebooks. It’s undoubtedly the fastest way to create your own ebook. Now, here are the simple steps you should take, starting now. Before you set out with your project, make sure you have done niche research and focus on a specific, profitable topic.

* Create an outline for the book. Identify possible titles that could make up the chapters and sub-sections. Write out possible ideas on the titles and research them online for relevant content.
* Start a blog. You can pay for a premium WordPress blog or use a free blogging platform like Tumblr, Blogspot, and Livejournal. Each option has its pros and cons. Just find out what works.
* Start writing a blog post of 400 – 800 words daily for 15-30 days. Afterwards, compile the best of your blog posts in a serial order of chapter titles. Copy them into TXT doc to remove formating and then re-copy into your MS word and begin to format the doc appropriately. Add necessary graphics and other page elements (footers, headers, page numbers, etc).
* Proofread your book to eliminate any mistakes.
* Then, convert it into a PDF ebook. Read this article: 5 Easy Ways to Create a Digital Book in PDF for Free.
* In order to make your first sales within minutes, don’t think of Amazon Kindle. It would take up to 2 business days to get the content approved. Upload it to Gumroad and start sharing the link on social media.
* Get paid up to 95% of the price.
* Enjoy your hard labor. It’s worth it, dear!

After successfully creating your ebook from blog posts, don’t abandon the blog. Post more content as often as you can. If the first book is successful on the market, you can create another one as a sequel or a new volume. You would make more money from your readers. You could even end up becoming an authority on that topic.

So, there you have the fastest way to create an ebook and start selling it within minutes. Go, take an action now! You could be a published author in the next 20 days. For gifted writers, this project shouldn’t take more than a week.