Author, Lawrence Wole’s Book Now Released on Apple iBook


News Release – – The management of announces the launch of a digital book from Lawrence Wole on Apple iBookstore.

In a recent report from the Marketing Department of the home publishing company, it’s been revealed that the book of the indie author was recently published on its official site as a PDF book. However,  in a bid to enlarge its readership coverage, the book, titled The Weakness of God: the Secret Revealed At Last, has been made available on iBookstore.

“Studies have indicated that Apple’s iTunes store receives millions of visitors, and a reasonable percentage of the users search the iBooks section for ebooks on their favorite genres. It’s a good idea to have the book listed on the bookstore,” he discloses. Speaking further on the new development, the publisher states that users of Apple devices would be able to access the ebook without any hassle.

It’s been reported as well that will soon make the book available to owners of Kindle devices or Kindle for PC/Mac. The book, written on a spiritual subject, can now be downloaded via the iTunes platform.

About the Book

The Weakness of God is a book that reveals the untapped secrets on the doctrines of the Cross of Jesus Christ, presenting a step-by-step approach to initiating revival fire in today’s world. The book can be downloaded here.