Publishing Books Doesn’t Have to Be As Hard As a Rock


Without doubts, the Internet has greatly revolutionized every aspect of human life. Gone are those days when writers are turned down by traditional publishers. With WWW, publishing books no longer has to be a deadlock for authors-to-be.

Are You Frustrated?

Have you heard about a book titled Chicken Soup for the Soul? According to a report on the author’s experience, the man went to different publishers in an effort to secure a contract with the one that would get his manuscript published, but he was turned down. Fortunately, he got a publisher that decided to give it a try. As favor would have it, his books got countless pre-orders from readers that got a review about the publication (though it was still in production embryo).

Which One Profits Me?

There are arguments everywhere about what and what the best publishing solutions could be. Some claim that prints are the ideal solutions while some state that digital formats are the right formats. The issue is that you need both for a high degree of coverage and profitability. As a newbie, you could start with the digital option. However, if you have a good budget, you can opt for the two at a time.

Any Way Out of Frustration?

Well, as of today, when it comes to publishing books, you don’t have to go through the kind of rigor that the author of the above-named book went through to get noticed. Self-publishing is now a good solution, and there are two ways to doing that as follows:

* Indie Publishing: do all the hard work by yourself…

* Publishing Agency: outsource the whole procedure to get it done for you…

With either of the two, you can start publishing books with minimal overhead cost. The major difference between the two is that you engage the services of a third-party agent (publisher or distributor) to design, develop, and distribute your literary work on your behalf. Each option however has its pros and cons.

How Can This Be Done?

Here are some ways you can achieve your goal without going through any publisher, if you have all the tools, the resources, and the technical know-how at hand:

* Take to Amazon Kindle Publishing. Everyone can set up a free Kindle account today and start selling books.

* Upload your book to as many bookstores as possible.

* Convert your manuscript into an audio book and upload it to CD/DVD stores.

* Use Amazon CreateSpace to get your work into prints.

Whatever may be the case, first write a great book. A great idea makes a great book. Never go into this business model if you don’t know what you’re doing. If your book is poor in content, formatting, and presentation, it would receive negative feedbacks, and bookstores would pull it out of the shelf fast. Publishing books doesn’t take much time, but writing a high-quality content requires patience, time, balance, and ingenuity. Invest more of your time in writing while you let a publishing agent do the rest.

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