How to Make Money With Facebook Without Duping Your Followers or Fans – A Short Guide


Well, I have no doubt that you already have a FB account. But, I would like to reveal what you don’t think it can do for you. Here, you would discover how to make money with Facebook without duping your fans.

The Zuckerberg Deal

Without doubts, Facebook is one of the busiest social networking websites on the net; but then, most users are yet to grasp the power of this virtual world of friendly connections. Mack Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook, is making millions of dollars per annum just because you’re a user of his site. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to share from the bounties he continually ‘milks’ out of users’ teats? Sorry, if you’re shocked by those words. Just being frank.

In this short guide on how to make money with Facebook, I’ll show you steps you can take today in order to stand on the shoulders of Zuckerberg and make some money from FB.

3 Keys to FB Cash

Really, Mack Zuckerberg originally developed his site for college students to connect with one another and share updates about their activities and interests; it has gone beyond that goal. Of a truth, he wouldn’t prohibit anyone from making money out of the system, if all rules and sanity are observed in the process. Today, you hear of expert talking about an ideology referred to as Facebook Marketing.

It suggests that there are great bounties on the head of every FB user. Mack knows these facts as well. 

Now, when it comes to secrets on how to make money from Facebook, there are three major ways that the social network can give you an income opportunity. You need 1 or all of the following:

  1. Profile Page
  2. Fan Page
  3. Group

Before further explanations on these areas, let’s quickly jump to some critical hints…though it may look premature. I suppose you already have those accounts, so you can start doing new things and see the level of conversion you would obtain. If you’re a newbie, in next posts, you will get details on steps to getting the account up and running within minutes. Also, I will reveal what you should offer to make cool money from Facebook.

Grab Attention with Posts

* Use graphics. Text-only posts perform less than pictures. People are naturally drawn to photos – they may end up giving your photo some likes and shares. Tag someone in the pix to get extra exposure.

* Post relevant, informational videos (not an advertisement clip).

* While sharing weblinks to articles or news items, write 1 statement in the comment section. Add your short link, e.g. bitly. You just tweak things – your comment-cum-link should be in the same niche with the update you want to share. Don’t share news about the latest tank top of Serena Williams while your link leads to weight loss product. No, let it be a coupon link to women dress…

Now, see this graphic as a sample:


Does it speak volume to your mind? Does it keep you wondering what the problem is all about? Would you click or share the photo if a pal posts it on his or her timeline?

What to Avoid

* Don’t post directly on the timeline of any friend. It’s not advisable. It’s enough to tag the person in your post.

* Don’t post updates too frequently.

Don’t always sound business-like. Sometimes, you need to post news items or share articles from other sources. Post some jokes. Poke somebody. Send greetings.

It’s worth stating that you DON’T do hard selling on the platform as it’s an online community. No one is interested in updates that shout out “Buy Me! Buy Me!” to followers. People want to catch some fun; they want info on their favorite themes or topics. Every selling on FB, except paid ads, follows an indirect approach…may be, by a way of suggestions, opinions and recommendations. This does not mean that you can’t post notes about products and services.

Some other times, we shall dig deep into each of the afore-mentioned keys on how to make money with Facebook without committing any cyber crime. Just keep in touch. I suggest you subscribe to our newsletter to get latest updates in your inbox. Be generous enough to share this content and post your comment. I like to hear your view or personal experience on any of the tips. Phew!

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