How to Make Money With Articles in Less Than 24 by 24 Hours – No Hype, No Exaggeration


handAre you looking for legitimate ways to earn some cash on the net? You’re about to discover series of top secrets on how to make money with articles in less than 24 by 24 hours, if only you would follow the strategy herein revealed. It doesn’t matter if you can’t write articles.

The Catch

In the next few weeks, I would like to provide you with detailed methodology on how to make money with articles, irrespective of your background. In this series, you would discover secrets about cash-pulling content creation, and things like:

* Getting people to pay (or buy from) you, even if they don’t feel like it

* Where to get free ads to promote your online investment

* Where to find people that will jump to your offers, suggestions, and recommendations

Now, for the purpose of following this series, I would call the ingenious methodology, Convert Content to Cash (CC2C). So, note that as we go together.

Do you really want to earn decent income online, writing and submitting articles. I’ll show you how to get high-quality articles (even if you can’t write them by yourself), where to submit the articles (that’s crucial to your success), what else to do with them, and how to spend your earnings! Well, that’s on a lighter mood…though simple fact, you would soon find out. Strange?

Potential Earnings

I write content as I’m an author (doing some ghostwriting at my leisure), and I know the value of my words. If I were to write something, I should get an average of 1.25 cent per word. Calculate what that would amount to…with 100,000 words of content. Soon, you would see how just 1 article could amount to $20. If you write 10, 20, 30….100, what do you think would happen? Simple arithmetic. You would smile to the bank!


Our first port of call in this series on how to make money with articles deals with getting the essential resources and tools. They are as follows:

* Writer: if you can write, you are set; but if you can’t write your own first name (sorry, just a joke – I mean, if you’re not that educated), you need a ghost writer (get one here), though it might look expensive as 1 high-quality, Copyscape-free article costs $5 – $10, depending on the freelance site where you want to hire a writer. Some offer it for $1 – $2. Just some crap. You need to show that you know what you’re doing. High Quality – the value you must uphold as it gives your online profile some credibility. Remember that your $5 investment would soon give you $15 or $20 returns.

* Domain names: you’re not going to register them because you want to build a website. They are for a different purpose. Depending on the amount of money you would like to make, you need 1 to 5 domain names. The more the number, the more would be your earning potential.

* Article Directories: get a list of about 10 – 20 high traffic directories where you can submit your articles.

* Hot Products: up to 70% of real buyers go online to search their favorite products. You need a product to sell. Interestingly, you don’t need to create it from the scratch as it’s time consuming. Remember that we have been talking about how to make money with articles in less than 24 by 24 hours. You would soon discover hot selling products that have ready buyers, i.e. what and what you can sell NOW and make money online.

Bit by bit, we go. Let’s hold on here. If you want to get busy, you can go ahead to set up article directory accounts. Till the next time, when another post will come up on how to make money with articles, take some time to think about how much you would like to earn…while I think about how you can spend the money.:) Enjoy!

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