How to Be an Author, Even If You Think You Can’t Write a Dot on a Paper


Do you wonder how people write books and get them published? Would you like to write your own book, starting today? Here, you would find some help on how to be an author without having to hit your head against the wall.

In my last post on the simple 4 steps to publishing books without any hassles, it was stated that the first thing in the mind of an author-to-be is coming up with a great book; and that “a great idea makes a great book”.

The Big Idea

Considering the subject of how to be an author as far as 21st century challenges are concerned, there are three basic ways you can come up with an idea for your book writing project. They are:

  • Your personal experience
  • Society and trends
  • Other people’s success

Your Personal Experience

This comes in two forms as follows:

1. Life story

If you are very close to Amazon, you would find out that there are titles that simply talk about the life stories of the writers. Recently, I came across a Kindle book from a man that has 2 manhoods by virtue of a physiological dysfunction he had from his childhood. Today, he has written a book on his experience, and people are buying it.

Look inward. What’s your experience? For instance, if (God forbid) you were a rape victim, you would go from hurt feelings, sorrows, and depression…down to soul healing, happiness, and forgiveness. Your story, if packaged in a book, could bring relief and help to ladies. First, they would want to learn the mistake you made before you fell into the hands of strange, devilish guys, then, how you were able to cope, and the rest… Joyce Meyer, a celebrated woman preacher, has a similar story. Her life and books offer great encouragement and hope to women world over.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to write the story as a life story, you could turn it into a fiction plot. This time around, you would turn your experience into a novel. This model would sell more.

2. Life skills

What you know, or what you can do, can be a good idea for you. In other words, there is a great book in your hobby, interest, expertise or profession, be it scholastic or non-scholastic skills/activities. Are you a professional chef? You can write a book on cooking recipes and still make some fortunes, even if you have been told that your niche is over-saturated. It all depends on your ability to come up with a unique selling point (USP).

Society & Trends

What is happening now? What are people searching for right now? You can get an idea through forums, Google trends, news sites, eBay pulse, etc. Just lock around; search and research everywhere. You might find a gold mine down the street!

Other People’s Success

This simply means you try to find out what works for other indie authors. After choosing a niche, go to Amazon to search for it. Spy on the top, best-selling books in terms of sales. However, you need a software application to do that (Contact me for details on that). Buy the first-three on the list to assess all their details – cover, blurb, page layout, content presentation, etc. Then, follow that concept to design your book. Never, ever copy anyone of the work. You only need them to serve as guides. Be unique. Also, remember that they are more or less leading the niche; you need to find loopholes in their content and cover them in your own content. Period!


Well, if you’re not the writer type, don’t discard that great story in you. Create your outline and give it to a ghostwriter to write the plot for you. For around $100 – $500, you can have a Kindle book written for you. Find a good freelancer online. This is one trick you must know if you want to publish multiple books. Depending on the niche you want to write on, a good Kindle book should be 7000 – 20,000 words in length .

It’s believed that the foregoing would help you to get a good start in a profitable book writing project that revolves round a good idea. Now that you have learnt how to be an author, what would you do? Action is the next thing. Start your research today. Write your first 500 words, then…you’re on your way to becoming a writer. I think I’ve done a good job here – this article is 748 words long. Sit down and get to work!

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    This is splendid. I think people need orientation on how to become a freelancer to make cool money. Kudos to you.


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