4 Ways to Promote Your Book Without Spending Fortunes


If you are really serious about knowing simple, but effective ways to promote your book with little or no cash, then, read on. Today, many authors opt for the publishing services of a traditional publisher, thinking that all the publishing-cum-marketing has to be done by the adopted company.

Such authors are often confused with the fact that they still need to make some personal efforts as regard the promotion of their books. In the same vein, leaving your book to chances, thinking that it would promote itself, wouldn’t work at all. In addition, your publisher can’t do it all alone.

Book Promotion Defined

In simple terms, book promotion is a strategy developed toward creating awareness about the profile of your book before your target audience. It deals with definite ways by which your book can get to be known in a niche, even in the midst of other competing titles.

The chief end of book promotion is to grab the attention of potential readers and convince them that the content is worth reading, and if it’s worth reading, then it’s worth buying. Your book promotion must be able to achieve this solid fact.

Ways to Promote Books

If you would like to promote your new book release, you need the following book promotion strategies:
* Article Marketing
* Press Release
* Social Media
* Video Marketing

* Article Marketing
Without doubts, the Internet is a database of content, and the most common form is the written type, be it in the form of essays, poetic lines, news items, website content, or articles. Internet users go online to find information on favorite topics, and therefore, article marketing is a good way to generate traffic for your book. Create author profiles on article directories and submit high-quality articles on topics relating to your book.
* Press Releases
Today, millions of people read news online. You can write a press release about your book. Write newsworthy press releases to announce the pre-launch, the launch, and the post-launch stages of audio_book promoyour work.
* Social Media
Your success as an author possibly start with your ability to leverage on your existing relationships, either offline or online. Your social network contacts/fans/friends could be potential buyers, provided they are interested in your niche. That’s why it’s important to build a follower base of people that would read updates you may post on your timelines.
* Video Marketing
You can create a video tour for your book and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo and the likes.

That’s just the 4 ways to promote your book for free. You don’t have to spend a dime to get any one of them done. Once you have mastered the skills, you can distribute tons of good content on the net, and loads of visitors will be more likely to share them and as well visit your bookstore. At this juncture, it’s worth stating that your book promotional efforts should cover the above suggestions. Don’t limit yourself to one. Kindly post your comment on this article and keep the conversation going. Good luck!