Affiliate Marketing: Discover Why Top Clickbank Affiliates Are Becoming Dead Big Dogs


Are you thinking about setting up an Affiliate Marketing business? If yes, you need to think twice now before things get out of hand. I would like to reveal why this online business model is dying a natural death today. Whether you want to be a Clickbank affiliate, or you want to engage in ebook publishing and get affiliates to promote your product, you need to weigh your decision.

Don’t Lose Your Sixth Sense Here

In case, you’re a newbie, I don’t want you to confuse Internet Marketing (IM) with Affiliate Marketing. The former cuts across all online activities that are geared toward the promotion of a product or service while the latter is a sort of partnership whereby you promote the products/services of another person or a company to earn commissions.

Over the years, many so-called gurus parade themselves as Big Dogs in IM, but today there is a paradigm shift in Internet product creation and marketing. Most of the people that boast of high Clickbank sales are fed up with small results they now obtain.

What Matters

Before you venture into an Affiliate Marketing business model, you need to consider this one critical factor (as it determines if you would end up like those frustrated Big Dogs): the Nature of the Product you want to promote. If you want to succeed, opt for affiliate products that are related to software (either one-time payment or recurring type), high-quality membership programs, and physical products (e.g Amazon).

If you want to spend much time and resources and still get small ROI, you can opt for an affiliate product that is a digital PDF book. This is not to state that people are no longer buying ebooks from Clickbank, but remember that Internet Technology has advanced tremendusly. Also, don’t discard your goal to take this CB route, but you need to learn how it works in present times.

worried business womanHere is the Problem…

Clickbank ebooks are generally PDFs – they lack reflowability and responsiveness to the screen size of mobile devices. So many electronic readers have emerged in the past few years. You hear of .mobi, epub, nook, and others.

Here are the Implications…

* The coverage of readership is highly limited. Even, PDF sometimes could be frustrating as someone would have to scroll and scroll and scroll in all directions to read a book.

* The market has changed. With the release of various digital book format, Clickbank is being relegated.

* The topmost concern is that sales will be minimal. The product, no matter how good it might be, wouldn’t reach its potential level of sales.

* Clickbank is almost hidden as it is more of the world of Internet Marketers. The possibility of getting a CB ebook rated in USA Today or in New York Times bestsellers’ list is somewhat low. When you tell a layman that your digital book is on Amazon, you get his/her attention compared to when you say that it’s on Clickbank.

* As an author, if your ebook is on Clickbank, you can’t sell it elsewhere online. If your product is in Kindle store, you can still have it sold on iBookstore, B&N, Sony Reader, Flipkart, etc.

* You need a high level of product promotion compared to listing your content on the afore-mentioned sites.

With the foregoing, you should be able to have a rethink on what you want to achieve when it comes Affiliate Marketing. Once again, this issue principally affects authors of PDF-based books.

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