About Us

  • Are you a professional?
  • Can you write valuable contents?
  • Would you like to build your brand identity as a resource person or author?
  • Do you want to improve on your writing career?

Be it an author or a publisher…you have come to the right place where dreams come true.


HuntersPublishing.com is dedicated to Christians who are looking for book related services. We help indie authors and publishers realize their dream by providing professional services in content development, copy-editing, book formatting, cover design, amongst others.

√ Through this site, you can access value-adding services that are proven to work for you, and meet your needs.

√ We can help you edit, proof, format, and publish your ingenious manuscripts. We can work on both fiction and non-fiction genres.

√    Information, in all its positive forms, is the fulcrum of life; everything revolves round it. As of today, HuntersPublishing.com, as a private label brand, promotes book publishing, self-publishing, and other forms of content publishing, be it online or offline.

√    We provide an efficient service delivery system whereby resource persons (writers) and corporate bodies (publishers) can access cost-effective book production services.

Vision Statements

Why we want to help people like you…

  • To promote spiritual empowerment
  • To promote marital empowerment
  • To promote intellectual empowerment
  • To promote financial empowerment
  • To promote physical empowerment

…in your area of expert, so that you can add positive value to humanity. Your book is your voice!

Mission Statements

To provide value-adding, cost-effective solutions for content development and production; and to offer a highly converting and well-optimized marketing channels for our clients through proven industry strategies.


With a view to realizing our corporate goals and to offer great value to our target audience, we have a reliable team of freelancers. Our experts include:

  • Ghostwriters
  • Christian Editors
  • Booksellers
  • News Agents
  • Consultants
  • And, our Customers (they are the boss!)

Target Customers

HuntersPublishing.com is an ideal platform for both professionals and every-day people that need professional assistance to publish their book online or in print. You can easily get your work published and sold on sites like Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBookstore, B&N, Flipkart, etc. You no longer have to spend fortunes to get it done.

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